The Hidden Scars in My Life

Jul 13
Jul 10

i think things are going well

then they spiral out of control

can i please just die?

Jun 11
Jun 10
Jun 10
May 30

Sorry for the lack of activity here guys…I’ve just been so stressed out with my current situation (recent grad with no home and no job) that I’ve been trying to keep myself from getting further into the black hole than I already am. 

May 15

I hate it when unexpected photos of cutting pop on my dash. I can handle that shit if I’m on this blog and expecting it, but not when I’m not expecting it on a roleplay blog. ESPECIALLY right after I myself had a frenzy cut that same night.

May 04
Apr 20

"I have friends who were raped"

That does not give you the right to make rape jokes. So fucking stop!

Apr 19

I’m getting a bit tired of hearing people say that if you don’t have an official diagnosis, you can’t “claim” to have depression.

I’m sorry…the suicidal thoughts and self-harming behavior would suggest otherwise. Not to mention the inability to sleep, eat, feeling numb, barely able to function in day-to-day life, being irritable, no interest in anything once loved, hiding away from people, feeling worthless dumb and stupid…yeah I’m pretty sure I have fucking depression.

I’m sorry I can’t afford therapy. I’m sorry that, no matter how much I know otherwise, I can’t shake the thought of being “weak” if I seek help. And, to top it off, feeling so anxious to even make an appointment with  (let alone talk to) a complete stranger about what I’m going through sounds a lot harder than trying to deal with this myself.